Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Custom Upholstery Project

So I've never upholstered anything before but got a call asking me if I could make a window seat cushion for a client. Sure I thought. Probably like a pillowcase and pretty easy. Boy was I wrong. It's a HUGE trapezoid size, and needed 2 layers of custom cording and an upholstery zipper. It was crazy hard, my machine hated going through all the thick layers but we made it!! I also did a dog bed and 3 coordinating pillows. Kinda crazy few days getting this done. The foam piece took up most of my living room floor! But I think it turned out good. Who knew I could upholster :-)
The finished product! 4 in thick window seat cushion and 3 coordinating pillows!
I had to make the cording in matching fabric. Then did a double layer, top and bottom. These pointed corners where tough.
The zipper on the side of the matching dog bed. I'm so proud of my zippers :-)


  1. Trina,
    I can't believe we are old enough to be mothers and take on crazy projects like this. The only difference is that your's involve a sewing maching and mine invlove a harp! Can't wait to see you again. IT was great to run together the other day.

  2. I knew you could upholster because you can do anything you set your mind to! You have always been this way, even when you were Jayne's age. Keep up the great work, Trina!


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