Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Girl Scout Costumes- India

This year our Girl Scout Troop is participating in the International Food Fair (local chapter event) and represent the country of India.  Last year we were Madagascar (see this post).  I was again in charge of costumes.  I read a bunch of tutorials on how to make the Indian saree  and they all involved at least 4-5 yards of pretty fabric, plus lining.  My budget was only $10 a girl and I needed to make 21 outfits!  I looked online and found beautiful saree's from a website in India.  They ended up being $15 including shipping.  All the mom's decided it was a great deal considering the craftsmanship, detail, edging, etc. that these gowns had.  I couldn't do that for $15.  I didn't even think I could get fabric to make them for $15.
The girls learned their adorable bollywood style dance and performed in the school talent show as well.  They will perform in the Food Fair in a month.  The outfits turned out adorable.  Even though I bought them I still ended up doing alterations on about 1/2 the girls costumes.  But that was much easier than making 21 costumes!  I'm so glad it's done and the girls performed great.  *We decided to get the gowns in all different colors so it would be more interesting and authentic for their performance.  Each one was different and everyone loved them all.
 The website I bought them from was:  Vadaalamar (click on the name to link)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Non Candy Valentines

This year we decided to do non candy valentines.  The kids and I went through a bunch of cute options we found online and this is what we came up with.  They turned out so cute.  

My daughter gave away rulers to her second grade class.  They use rulers a lot so I thought this was practical.  I found the adorable printable "you rule" on the website  Re:Located.  Thank you! 
For my sons preschool class, we gave away magnifying glasses.  He loved this idea and was so excited to get his own.  I found the adorable printable "hey valentine, I've got my eye on you!" on the website  Dandee Designs.  Thank you!
 Here's 2 of my 3 mini valentines getting ready for their parties.  My daughter left so early I didn't get to snap her photo.
We had a wonderful day!  A big Valentine Breakfast, class parties at school, and my usual fancy Valentines Day dinner with little presents for the kids.  This year we had no school the following day so we stayed up and watched a movie.  Happy Memories.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun Pink Minky

I found this gorgeous pink minky fabric at the Mart in LA last year.  I've been saving it for the right baby.  I finally whipped it up into a simple blanket for a cousin's baby.  I put star/polka dot flannel fabric on the back.  I loved the print so much I didn't want to chop it up.  I love how this crazy soft blanket turned out-  Simple but beautiful.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Faux Chenille Blanket

 Well, I finally tried it!  I pinned this blanket long ago and have really wanted to try it out.  The tutorial is from Dana at Made and I've been wanting to make one for forever.  She has great, simple instructions.  It turned out gorgeous!  My aunt just had an adorable baby girl.  My aunt isn't "girlie" so I wanted a simple, classic blanket that was obviously "girl" but not scream'in pink.  I found this adorable polka dot fabric for the top.  It has purple, pink, grey, and yellow polka dots.  For the fabric layers on the back I did a grey, purple, and pink solid fabric.  It's definitely an "heirloom" style blanket I will make again.  Here's the link to the Tutorial!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink and White Baby Shower

I had so much fun putting the decorations, food, and favors together for this pink and white baby shower last weekend.  Here's a few of the highlights.  First, I finally got to use the adorable flower lids for mason jars that I'd bought off Etsy.  I also found these adorable  pink striped straws!
I also got to re-use the adorable heart banner I got done last week.  It definitely went with the theme.
 The highlight is, of course, the food.  I made assignments for food and our family didn't disappoint.  The food was amazing!  And so beautiful!  I had a fun pink and white chevron runner, fun tulle pom poms that hung from the ceiling, and cute hot pink plates with pink and white stripe napkins.
 I found these adorable pink and white chevron paper bags.  Inside each bag was cute Dove Chocolate hearts.  The tags read, "Eleanore, You've Stolen Our Hearts!"  I think everyone really loved this favor.
It was such a fun day!  We love little Eleanore!

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