Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Shower

My friend and I threw a baby shower this week for 2 friends of our friends. We had about 40 people come and it was at my house! I love decorating and crafting of course, as does my friend. So together we had a blast! Here's some highlights:


LOVE these poof balls I got from Michaels/Martha Stewart. Not sure if I'll be able to save to re-use but they make it feel so festive.

LOVE this sign! My friend made with the Silhouette!
We had assignments out for most of the food and the brownies were a little late, but all of the food was delicious!

Ok, we really had fun with this. We made this with our Silhouette. It's Cute Box #3. we added the velum under the lid. It turned out so stinkin cute! My husband couldn't figure out why I was folding boxes and lid every night for 3 nights for a baby shower but it was worth it!

The punch ended up being a huge hit! And it totally matched my color theme (love that). I got it from my husband's aunt Penny. Here's the recipe: 1 gallon of Sherbet (you pick the color) to 1-2 liters of Sprite/Ginger Ale. She recommends Sprite with pink ice cream and ginger ale with green ice cream. You start with just 1 liter but you go through that more quickly than the ice cream so I kept adding sprite, then I'd add more ice cream, then more sprite, etc. I also added some frozen rasberry's and I used rasberry/orange swirl sherbert. It was so yummy! Might be fun to do with green for a St. Patrick's day party!

I love parties!

Valentine Blocks

So to be honest, I didn't finish these until 3 days after Valentines Day. We were having so much fun making out handmade Valentines for so many parties, it just didn't happen. But I did get them done before a red/white/pink heart themed babyshower at my house 4 days after Valentines day.
Check out Loni's blog here, on how to make them. She actually designs for the Silhouette. They featured her blog and she has some great crafts! I'm not quite sure if I like the spray paint look as she suggested. Next time I might try with just my regular toll paint and see. But very cute!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Ruffle Sleeve Top

My friend Wendy came over today and we made 4 of these adorable Ruffle Sleeve tops! 2 for my Jayne, and 2 for her girls. They turned out so cute! Here's a link to the tutorial. And I have to give credit to one of my favorite new sites, Dana Made It! Click on her link. She has some adorable tutorials and great links (like this one). I wish I knew her in real life (not just stalking her blog). I know we'd be friends. :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010


I didn't get to post this last week when I finished it. But it's a continuation of the last post. Here's how the 2 bags got wrapped!
Yes, I found a matching box and made a matching card to go with the adorable purse I made for my sister-in-law! So much fun.
The scripture bag went in here and turned out cute too. Love these new tags I can make with my Silhouette!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Birthday Bags

Last week I was busy trying to get 2 bags done for my niece and sister-in-laws birthday presents! I think they turned out so cute! I love the individualized monogramming. I think it adds that extra touch.
I added a bunch of pockets inside and also a black tie at the top so she can close it if she chooses. I've done Velcro but didn't like the look of the white sticking out, and I've done flaps with buttons but thought she might not button it often, so I thought this tie was a good option and blends in when not in use.
I've never made this size scripture bag (it fits a quad set) so I was a little nervous to get started. I ended up making it a little big and cutting it down till it fit just right. I'm going to add some colored pencils, gum, and sticky notes to the pocket to finish it out.

Tree Swap

So, I decided to make this massive quilt over the next year (in time for next Christmas) called "Oh Christmas Tree". It looks like it's made up of a million little one inch squares! I'm doing it as part of a swap group. So we all bought different greens and had to cut strips, then we swapped some strips so our trees would have a bunch of different colors (since we only needed a little bit of each one, it would cost a fortune and a lot of wasted fabric to buy all that ourselves). I had to get all my strips done, sorted, and bound ready for the swap Friday night. I'm excited to get started :-)