Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Debbie's Baby Shower

I got to help host another baby shower this past week! I was in charge of decorations with another friend and we had fun! They don't know if it's a boy or girl so we went with generic colors. We picked black and white polka dots with aqua and yellow accents. I think it turned out so cute!
The Pennant: I was super excited to find an online tutorial with the dimensions of the fabric pennant pieces. It's 6 inches x 8 inches. I made a template out of a cereal box and used that to trace. Used pinking sheers to cute all the way around and attached it to no fray ribbon. It was a super easy project and really added a lot. I'm going to do again for some fall decor.
I made the baby lettering with my silhouette and hand dyed the onsies. I used an online tutorial for making stripes on a onsie but tweaked it so it wasn't straight. I made it more tie dyed looking and edgy. Ruffling and a bow was added to the girl version! I love these and might make some more for the shop. Also I painted the wooden clothespin in black and white dots to match our theme.
The decorations all turned out wonderful and lots of people brought amazing goodies. These pictures where from before the food really started to arrive.
The party favors turned out so cute. I just got the candy and the bags with ribbon. My friend Melinda made these adorable tags to go on each! They turned out so cute!
My friend Debbie with all the girls who planned it. Funny this is 4 of us are pregnant and 2 just had their baby (2 weeks ago and 4 months ago). It's in the air!

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