Monday, December 17, 2012

Neighbor/Teacher Christmas Gift

Here's the project I did for my neighbors and the kids teachers this year.  The best part is that it is very inexpensive but doesn't look it!!  

First I made them all a glass cake platter.  This project is only 2 dollars!  It's a candle stick holder on the bottom and glass plate, both from the dollar store.  Just use E6000 glue to attach the holder to the bottom.  Let it dry thoroughly before doing anything else.
Then I added my favorite box of Peppermint JoJo's (oreo's) from Trader Joe's (each box is about $2.65)
 And then I wrapped it!  I used cellophane, ribbon...
 and then added a personalized ornament to each.  I got sparkly scrapbook letter stickers and put one on a plain ornament.  I got a huge box of ornaments at the dollar store and the stickers were just a few dollars.
This is one of my favorite gifts for under $7 dollars because it doesn't look it.  Everyone who got one thought I'd spent way too much :-)  Happy Gifting!!


  1. i've been dying for a glass cake platter & think it is so cool that you made one! what a great idea. i need to do this.

    new follower :)

  2. Those are the BEST cookies! What a great gift idea!


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