Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to Baby Jayne's

My business was born in 2004 after a fruitless search for the absolute perfect blanket for my first little one! And after having repaired many supposed "high-end" baby blankets for friends and family. Originally designed as a timeless gift to my daughter and not as a business concept, I spared absolutely no time or expense in creating the ultimate treasure. Coming from a long line of family quilters, I loved and practiced the patterns, techniques, and traditions of the quilting art, but was also completely enamored with the new ultra-soft fabrics and chic styles coming on the market. I started by quizzing other moms, talking to children, and watching lots of babies to see what they all loved and wanted in their ‘blankee’. I studied every detail from blanket size--big enough to cover, small enough to carry; to fabrics--some smooth, some bumpy, some lines, some dots; to edging--durable yet silky for the endless rubs on tiny finger and cheeks. The result, months later, was an absolutely adorable and unique piece—The Baby Jayne's™ Signature Quilted Blanket! We've now expanded into accessories and additional pieces.

In our search to keep our product the highest heirloom-type quality, while offering the latest and greatest styles for a great price, we have decided to transition our business model out of traditional baby boutiques and industry trade shows and take our products directly to the consumer through our new Etsy store. We refuse to sacrifice custom design, quality, and piece of mind knowing our products are made here in the US. We at Baby Jayne's™ are committed to producing only the finest products of the highest quality that are deemed special enough for your loved ones… and cute enough for you! We welcome any feedback at

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