Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing Up A Storm

I have been trying to finish some projects to add to my collection of blankets for an upcoming craft fair. The fair is 1 week away, and now we are moving our entire house this week too, just days before the craft fair. I promised my husband I'd pack up my sewing stuff and actually start packing our house before the movers arrived, so I've got to put the machine down. :-) I think I have a nice sampling of things and we'll see how it goes. Depending on what sells and what feedback I get, I'll know what to make more of for the next craft fair in 2 weeks. These are my first craft fairs!! Wish me luck! I'll post some pics next week from the fair with an update. But for now, I'm back to packing....
Sun Dresses ( really wanted to get more of these done and have the fabric, but ran out of time, maybe for the next fair)

Tooth Fairy Pillow's

Plus my normal stash of blankets from my website :-)

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