Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Craft Fair

We had a wonderful time at the craft fair! We had no idea what to expect from this particular craft fair (some are great and some aren't). I think this one was average. It was pretty cheap for a booth, so it was totally worth it and we did pretty well in our sales. We'll see how it compares to others this year to see if we'll return next year. But for now, I'm pretty happy we did so well and that it's over! I also moved my entire house in 3 days, only 1 day before the show. My mom and I did the booth together and she saved me. I'll step up and prep more for our next one. At least I got my products done :-)

I'll post pics of my new sewing space/office that I'm so excited about when I get back from volunteering all weekend, and some exciting info. about some new products! Check back next week!
Lighting is harsh since it was 9am. The next one is indoors, we'll get better pics :-)

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear your craft fair went well. I did one last month that was a bust... but I've got another one next weekend that I'm hoping will make up for the first one. And yikes, you moved right before yours? Yuck!


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