Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Shower

My friend and I threw a baby shower this week for 2 friends of our friends. We had about 40 people come and it was at my house! I love decorating and crafting of course, as does my friend. So together we had a blast! Here's some highlights:


LOVE these poof balls I got from Michaels/Martha Stewart. Not sure if I'll be able to save to re-use but they make it feel so festive.

LOVE this sign! My friend made with the Silhouette!
We had assignments out for most of the food and the brownies were a little late, but all of the food was delicious!

Ok, we really had fun with this. We made this with our Silhouette. It's Cute Box #3. we added the velum under the lid. It turned out so stinkin cute! My husband couldn't figure out why I was folding boxes and lid every night for 3 nights for a baby shower but it was worth it!

The punch ended up being a huge hit! And it totally matched my color theme (love that). I got it from my husband's aunt Penny. Here's the recipe: 1 gallon of Sherbet (you pick the color) to 1-2 liters of Sprite/Ginger Ale. She recommends Sprite with pink ice cream and ginger ale with green ice cream. You start with just 1 liter but you go through that more quickly than the ice cream so I kept adding sprite, then I'd add more ice cream, then more sprite, etc. I also added some frozen rasberry's and I used rasberry/orange swirl sherbert. It was so yummy! Might be fun to do with green for a St. Patrick's day party!

I love parties!

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