Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Birthday Bags

Last week I was busy trying to get 2 bags done for my niece and sister-in-laws birthday presents! I think they turned out so cute! I love the individualized monogramming. I think it adds that extra touch.
I added a bunch of pockets inside and also a black tie at the top so she can close it if she chooses. I've done Velcro but didn't like the look of the white sticking out, and I've done flaps with buttons but thought she might not button it often, so I thought this tie was a good option and blends in when not in use.
I've never made this size scripture bag (it fits a quad set) so I was a little nervous to get started. I ended up making it a little big and cutting it down till it fit just right. I'm going to add some colored pencils, gum, and sticky notes to the pocket to finish it out.

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