Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Hooked

My son randomly handed me a book off the shelf while we were waiting in line at the library last week. I was surprised to see it was about quilts. At first I thought it was for old ladies. The copy I had was in a special large print text. But I read the back and thought it looked interesting. He was too wrestles to give me anymore time to pick a book for myself so I got it. And now I'm hooked!! I googled the author and found out that I had read the 16th book in the series. It's the Elm Creek Quilt Series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

I ordered the first 7 books in the series so I can start over from the beginning. They all just came in the mail and I'm so excited to get started. Their cute, quick, light hearted reads about the bonds of women, sewing and quilting, and families. There's even some quilt patterns available for quilts that the people in the story make and some recipes. The first 3 books are all put together in what their calling a sampler and the 4-6 books are in another big book all together. I preferred that so I didn't have to have so many individual books coming. Check them out if you want a fun read :-)

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