Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time to Switch...

From this....
To This...
I really love these bunting pieces. I'm using this same Thanksgiving themed fabric to make a new little table topper next week. Do you have your Thanksgiving decorations up yet? I only have a few Thanksgiving things. I'm enjoying the nice little break between the Halloween Decorations and the Christmas decorations. But this bunting is too easy not to give it a try! And I've even seen a lot of 'no sew' bunting online.

Bunting How To: Make a template from a cereal box. Mine was 8 inches on each side of triangle and 6 inches across the base. Lay the template on the fabric and outline with pencil. Cut out with your pinking sheers. Sew to the triangles onto 2 inch grosgrain ribbon. (Just one little quick seem down the ribbon). And your done!

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  1. Wow, you are so crafty! Even when it is so simple and easy to do like this. You just whip out projects so quickly! What a great talent you have! I love it!


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