Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

No Valentines would be complete with out a new outfit for Jayne to wear to school. We opted for store bought Valentines this year, but a completely new outfit, so that was fun!
I love how the shirt turned out. Wish it didn't have the pocket, but this was the ONLY shirt that matched the fabric perfectly. I used the idea from V and co's heart pillow here. Very cute.
I made the twirl skirt from Made here. It's all wrinkled cause I told her I needed a picture before school and she'd already been playing in it all morning cause she was so excited. But it did start out all pressed and pretty :-)

I whipped up the headband on a whim. I just made fabric flowers, out of the skirt fabric, but then used hot glue and kinda scrunched them until I got the look I wanted. It looks more like a ruffle but I love it.
One happy girl, ready for her Valentine Parties :-)
And I finally got done for myself this year, a heart table topper! I love it!! It's been fun to have up the whole month decorating our table.
I'm off to make our Valentines dinner and family night! Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. I made valentine's skirts this year too, based on these
    but with less hearts!
    I have fabric I bought for a log cabin quilted table runner that is still sitting here, it still scares me!! :) Hopefully I'll get to it and not find the fabric 10 years from now...


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