Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hand-Blown Egg Tutorial

This is my all time favorite Easter craft! I learned how to do this from my Great Grandma when I was around 11. I have learned so much from my Great Grandma Dover. She is a wonderful seamstress, cook, and crafter. She always had great ideas of projects to do together! I loved spending the afternoon with her helping her make these special eggs for Easter!

These eggs are a great alternative to using plastic eggs in your decorating projects! Use them to make a wreath, put in glass containers for your mantel, or in a centerpiece for your table! They won't go bad and look very elegant! It's also very inexpensive to make!
Straight Pin
Egg Decorating Supplies
Step 1: Take your egg and with your straight pin, poke a small hole in the top of the egg. Next to that hole, poke several more small holes.
You want a small hole in the top that looks about like this.
Step 2- Repeat this process on the bottom of the egg as well. You now have a small hole on the top and bottom of the egg.

Step 3- Now your going to hold the egg over your bowl and blow in the top hole. I also take the straight pin and poke it in the hole on the top and bottom and stir the egg around. The more you break up the yoke, the easier it will come out.
It should look like this when the yoke starts coming out. Now you need a good dose of patience and lots of air to finish :-)
When the yellow yolk starts coming out then you're almost there! I've also found that shaking the egg, running just a little bit of water into the top hole, and stirring around will help get the yolk out faster.

Step 4- Once all of the yolk is out, run some water into the top hole, shake it around and blow out. Let the egg dry.

Step 5- Repeat this process for all of the eggs you would like to do.

Step 6- Decorate! You can decorate the eggs however you would like! The firs step in this process is usually dieing the eggs. Because your egg is now hollow, it will float! So you have to hold down your egg during the dieing process. Once some water gets inside then it can sink but you have to hold it down a while while it fills.
Here's a great link to creating your own die baths for your eggs from Not So Martha (scroll down past the craft).

Then you can embellish (and hide the small holes) however you'd like! You can keep it simple...

or use flowers and ribbon...
or rhinestones and pearls!
I think your hand blown eggs make a fabulous Easter decoration that will last from year to year, and look so much more classy than plastic eggs.
And how do I store my cherished eggs? I put them in a special sterling silver bowl we got when we were married and keep in my china cabinet. It brings a smile to my face whenever I see them throughout the year!


  1. Super cute and not as complicated as I thought they were! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your eggs are beautiful! I need to get this done, I haven't done it since we were little. Love it!


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