Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clothespin Magnet Tutorial

I saw something similar to this on Etsy and thought this would be something really fun to make for myself and for gifts. I made the pink/brown ones as part of a teacher gift and the blue ones for me.
Modge Podge
Glue Gun

To Make: Lay the clothespins onto the paper and outline it with a pencil. Cut out the paper and modge podge onto the front of the clothespin. Apply modge podge again on the top to seal it and create a nice shiny finish. When dry, use your hot glue gun to glue your magnet to the back. That's it! You're done!
I found medium magnets at Michaels. You can only see a little bit peaking out on each side and when it's on the fridge, it's hardly noticeable.
Besides the generic scrapbook paper covering, I also made some for my kids. My fridge is always covered in pictures from my kids. I decided to organize it a little and give each of them their own magnet clothespin for their current artwork. They can keep adding to them and then I go through it and pick ones to save. I love it!
The red clothespin says "Don't Forget", and that pin is for me! I get a ton of papers from the kids schools for various events that I need to remember and they also litter our fridge. So, now I will keep them organized in order of date in my red clothespin!
Besides printing words as I did, you could also use vinyl, or hand paint names or words. I think this would be a really cute gift for a family with a bunch of kids with all their names on them!

I hope you have fun decorating your clothespins and organizing your fridge!


  1. What a great idea to put your kids' names on them! I had not thought of that. Did you use rub on stickers to do that?

    I've made a couple of versions of clothespin magnets on my site. I actually have two new versions I am going to be posting soon.

    Love yours!

  2. Hi Crystal, I actually just printed it on paper! And cut it out. I'll have to check yours out. Would love to see them.

  3. Love these! I am really into clothespins too these days but haven't made them yet. Happy to see your tutorial, thanks! Thinking I might use this idea for some sort of chore list to keep us orderly over the crazy summer days ahead...

  4. so easy!! I will have to try these! I'm a teacher and these would also work perfectly in my classroom.

  5. I made these awhile ago for my grandkids with their names on them to hang their school work or drawings. So easy and fast to make!


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