Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gift Idea- Table Runner

One of my good friends was having a birthday last week and I needed a little something for a gift. We don't do big presents, just little things, but I was hoping to get creative and come up with something she'd really like. I decided on making this table runner! I love how it looks on my table but it also matches her house perfectly. It took about 10 minutes to make and she loved it!
I think this might be my go-to gift for friends this year! So easy, not very expensive, but so fun. Who doesn't love a new pretty table runner to change up their table ?!
I pared it with some monogrammed note cards I found at a sale. Such a fun gift! Happy Birthday my friend :-)

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  1. I love your table runner! The fabric is fantastic! How did you make it? is the fabric a canvas? It looks heavy.


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