Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Ghosts- Kids Project

Besides finishing costumes (which I'll post over the weekend), the kids and I had 1 last little project up our sleeve for Thanksgiving. We had fun making these cute little ghosts to hang in our tree!

In case you wanted to make some this weekend with the kids, here's the basic instructions.
-White Fabric
-Pinking Sheer Scissors
-Plastic Trash Bags
-Black Marker

-Cut out the fabric. It can be any size, and it doesn't have to be straight. That makes it more spooky :-)
-Crunch up a trash bag (or 2 or 3 if you want to make it bigger), and stick it in the middle of the fabric.
-Fold the fabric down over it and secure it with ribbon right under the bag.
-Take your marker and give it 2 eyes.
-Now their ready to be hung. Use fishing wire so it's invisible and they'll float from the trees.
(I ran the invisible thread through the top of the ghosts head so they would float)
-My invisible thread broke once I hung it, so I have to get some fishing wire tomorrow, but here they are hung with ribbon.
I'll post a new picture when my ghosts get to fly :-) Happy Halloween Weekend! We're all ready to party!

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