Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Countdown- Books

I had some big hopes of finishing this heirloom-hand stitched-amazing-very time consuming advent calendar for this Christmas! But when I found out I had started in a wrong order and it would take me longer to complete, I decided this year it was not meant to be. I'm going to work on it enjoyably through the year for next Christmas and not stress! So I needed a backup interactive advent calendar for the kids! I decided to go with the book countdown and I LOVE it!
(Book Advent: You wrap up 25 (or whatever number) Christmas/Holiday books and have them numbered. They get to open one each day till Christmas!)
I think we're going to do this every year and I'll tie it into my new amazing advent wall hanging I'll have done for next year. I ended up ordering 8 new Christmas books this year and doing only a 20 day book countdown. I'll keep adding more fun new books each year.
My kids LOVE it! It's our special time each night to read their stories and they are loving getting to "open presents" early! I highly recommend this for anyone thinking of trying it for the the 12 days till Christmas or for next year. Next year I'll also wrap them cuter :-) Getting the cold and flu the first week of December was not helpful! At least we should be immune and healthy for Christmas!

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