Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Decoration

I have seen these jars all over blog land and I even looked them up to buy on Etsy! They wanted almost $50 for a set of 3 and I didn't like that all 3 would be matching. I wanted different heights and different shapes, etc. So I decided it was time to make these for myself. They are super easy.
I'm sure there's some great tutorials out there for this but I kinda thought it looked self explanatory so I just winged it :-)
The bottoms are various candle holders. The tops are various jars or glass containers.
To Make: Simple paint the candle holders and any lids. I went with black as I wanted it to be versatile for all seasons. I also had to use a primer to get the paint to stick to the glass. Once it's dry, use your E6000 Glue to attach the glass to the candle holder. I held mine in place for a few minutes since it sits a little precariously on the little candle holder. Depending on your lid, you might need to glue the canning jar lid to to the ring so it all comes off together. And that's it! Now add some candy and bows and you're done!
I finally had to get pictures of these before all the candy was gone :-) Happy Holiday Decorating!!

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