Monday, January 30, 2012

January Organization

I've had fun organizing my house this month. It wasn't anything huge, but lots of drawers, cupboards, bins, etc. that just needed to get organized. Here are a few of my favorite things that I got organized-

Ribbon: The ribbon I have stored on the skein is all pretty and organized. But what about all the ribbon that you cut by the yard?? And all the remnants from packages and projects?? I had them organized by color into 4 different Ziploc bags. But I realized I never wanted to dig through the bag to see what I really had. So, here's how I organized it so I could see what I've got:
I had some extra USPS packages that I realized I didn't need to have stored in my house. So I cut up the boxes into 3 or 4 inch squares of cardboard (love recycling and reusing!). This was much cheaper than buying chip board because I needed so many. I just wound the ribbon around the different pieces of cardboard and voila...
Instant organization to my formerly chaotic ribbon mess! I found the cute containers in the dollar bin at Target! Love this.
I also found this cute matching pail that I'm using to store some extra ribbon, and my twine!

Family Home Evening Lessons: The other area that was an annoying mess was my box of Family Home Evening Lessons. I'd have various lessons or materials or stories that I come across or have used and instead of organizing them, I'd just dump them all into this box. Some things were in folders by topic and many were not. Well, the day finally came to get it organized. And I LOVE it!! Holy cow! I love having everything organized by topic and realizing that when I don't have time to do a brand new lesson, I can just pop open my box and pull out a great lesson!
It would be even better if I had some cute matching labels on all the folders, but I don't mind. I LOVE having everything in one spot, and clearly labeled. I had way too much stuff to put it all in a binder like a lot of people do. I'm really into this nice box from Costco.
It seriously feels awesome to have these 2 things organized. It's totally random, but they were 2 areas that I always thought of in the back of my mind that I needed to sit down and organize them!! Check that off my list!! Happy organizing!!

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