Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elementary School Fun Run 2013

 The other huge project I've been working on all month is chairing our Elementary school's biggest event of the year, our Fun Run.  This year my co-chair and I revamped the whole thing.  We started with a kickoff event where the classes competed to come up with our theme for the Run.  The winning theme was "Running of the Bull Dogs."  I love how the graphic for the tshirt, banner, and stickers turned out.
We also had everything organized for the teachers.  They got a bag with all of their tshirts for the class (with list to distribute) and a big envelope with all of their supplies.  They had a map, detailed instructions about the day, and name tags for each child to mark their laps during the event.
The event turned out great!  We doubled the amount we raised for the school since last year and had a fantastic turn out for the event.  We just finished doing all the class parties for top fundraisers and handing out prizes and thank you's, so this event is finally done!

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