Sunday, April 7, 2013

Indian Themed Birthday Party

My son wanted an Indian Birthday Party.  He really wanted to play bows and arrows with his buddies.  Here's a few of the things we did.
Tee Pee's:  My grandparents had some old tee pees in their attic.  I was able to find them and dust them off for the party.  I had to add a little fabric but it worked out perfect for the boys.  They loved it!
And orange chevron runner with green streamers helped round out the decorations.  We had come snacks and pizza that got delivered later.
Scavenger Hunt:  After painting the boys faces with war paint, we had them all gather for a scavenger hunt.  My older daughter dressed like an Indian Princess and helped them along the route by reading the clues.  They had to run all over the park to find the clues and at the end they found their bows!  There was another clue that told them they could find their arrows in the tee pee!  The boys loved the hunt and the prizes!

 Goodie Bags:  Instead of doing big goodie bags, their main thank you gift was the bow and arrows.  The kit I bought also came with a plastic knife, belt loop for the knife and additional arrows (I gave them only 1 for the party so if it broke or got lost, they'd still have ones to take home).  We also had a pinata so they all got to take home a big pile of candy too.

I made some chevron lines to decorate the boys bags.  We put their knives and candy and extra arrows in their bags to take home.

 The boys had a blast!  I had a few set activities but they mostly just wanted to play bows and arrows together and hide along the bushes.  It was really fun.

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