Saturday, May 25, 2013

Movie & Slumber Party

For my daughters birthday we decided to have a late-over/movie party.  Basically it's like a slumber party, but they don't spend the night. 
 We got lots of blankets and pillows setup for the movie viewing and glow in the dark dance party.  I also did a "concession stand" for the girls for the movie.  
We had lots of different candies and boxes of popcorn.
  I found these adorable popcorn boxes in the silhouette store.  I just got polka dot and plain cardstock and cut it with the silhouette.  They were so fun and just the perfect size for the party.
 For the drink station, the girls got different soda's in liter glass mason jars with the flower lid tops and paper straws.  They each got to make their own pizza for dinner and they painted nails while it was cooking.
 The table was pre-set with hot pink plates, a turquoise hemstitch table cloth, lots of streamers, and puffs made from tulle.  Her Strawberries and Cream cake from Southern Living Magazine was the centerpiece.  I'll have the details on that in a different post.
We setup a table near the door with the party favors.  Each girl got a cute turquoise pail filled with bubbles, jump rope, ring pop, and bubble gum.  They were pretty excited.
 I love these fun silly girls!  It was a fun party!

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