Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pop Birthday Party Invite & Baptism Invite

May is a big month.  I've been spending the last few weeks of April getting things ready for May events.  2 of the big events are my daughters Birthday Party and her Baptism.  These are the invitations we sent out for both events.

For my daughters birthday this year we are doing a "late over" (like a slumber party but the girls go home around 9 and don't spend the night).  We're doing dinner, dance party, movie, and lots of treats,  Everything is a polka dot theme or pop theme, so popcorn, soda pop, bubble gum.  So for the invite we did a ticket and made our own little envelope out of polka dot tissue paper.

I used the silhouette to design and cut the ticket.  I did it fairly large and wrote all the party details on their ticket.  The party is Saturday so I'll post pictures of that next week.

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