Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mother's Day Give Away!

Don't forget there's still 1 week to enter the Busy Mom's of Etsy Mothers Day give away. You can enter over 20 times. It's simple. Browse the list of shops. Each time you find a picture of a flower in an item in the shop, go to the Busy Mom's Blog and list your name, and where you found the flower. There's 1 flower in over 20 shops so that's over 20 times you can enter!!

(here's the picture you're looking for)
And what do you win....a huge basket full of merchandise and gift certificates from each of the stores! I'm giving a $15 gift card good towards anything in my shop. So, don't forget! It's going on even while I'm gone.

Here's a hint for my shop.... mine is hidden in a blue item :-) Have fun!

Here's the list of shops:

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