Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Centerpiece

Need a quick idea for a 4th of July Centerpiece? Here's a cute one I'm using this weekend for a pool party! Each table has a bucket and 2 pinwheels.
Materials Needed:
Something to put them in
How To:
1-My paper started out as the 9x13 scrapbook paper. Cut this in half on the long side. You can play with this and made them all different sizes. 2- Accordion the paper (like you were making yourself a fan). 3- Then put a staple right in the middle to hold the accordion closed. 4- Now take the 2 opposite ends and pull them together making one half of the circle. Do again with the other side to make a complete circle. I used glue to hold them together and secured with paper clips until it all dried. You could also use double sided tape or staples. 5- Attach your dowel on the back and insert into a vase, bucket, flower arrangement, etc.
*Also looks cute with double sided paper
*Would be super cute for baby shower and Spring Holiday's too

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