Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick Gift Bag Tutorial

Need a quick gift bag and don't have one handy? This one took about 2 minutes to make!
How To:

-measure your gift and cut your fabric to be bigger than the gift
-sew up your sides, leaving 1 side open for the top (I just over locked mine and saved the step)
-cut the top with pinking sheers
-insert gift, tie the top with ribbon and add a tag

*Optional Letter- This gift was for one of my blankets for a baby shower. They don't know the name of the baby, so I cut the letter of their last name out of a different fabric, ironed on some wonder-under, peeled off the backing and ironed on. It would have been cute with some stitching around it too, but that would take more than 2 minutes and that's all I had left before leaving for the party!

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