Friday, August 5, 2011

Rice Krispie Swords

My kids LOVE the new Jake and the Neverland Pirate's cartoon on Disney. So when I came across this project for Rice Krispie swords....I couldn't resist. They are super easy and also VERY tasty.

Step 1: Make your Rice Krispie's like you normally would. (2 T. butter, 1 bag marshmallow's, 6 cups of Rice Krispies in a buttered pan).
Step 2: Let them cool. Then cut them into rectangles. Insert a craft stick (tongue depressor stick) into the rectangle.
Step 3: Now melt some chocolate in a glass measuring cup. If you're melting chocolate chips, then you need a little bit of vegetable oil to get a good consistency. Once it's melted. Let your kids dip their Rice Krispie's into the chocolate and add sprinkles.
They are surprisingly delicious. And my pirates loved making and eating them.

ps- Let them totally cool again before eating or you get a big chocolate mess of a face. But that was pretty fun too.

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  1. Hi, friend! You've got so much creativity and I'm admiring them all. Can you please share your creative posts at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

    PS: I love Pres. Uchtdorf's quote.


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