Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girl Scout Costumes- Madagascar

I should have been working on finishing Valentines last week, but instead I spent several days making14 costumes for my daughters girl scout troop!  They are participating in an International Food/Dance fair.  Their assigned country is Madagascar.  After researching, I discovered that the traditional dress in Madagascar is a lambda.  It's a tube of fabric they wear around them, usually with a shirt underneath, and another tube of fabric for their heads.  I took all of the descriptions and here is my interpretation :-)
I LOVE the batik fabric I found.  It was tough finding enough fabric to have all 14 matching.  I also did a matching sarong and head scarf for the troop leader.  So fun.  The event isn't until next month but we wanted the girls to help make them, so I had the outfit ready and the girls helped feed their elastic through the casing.  I sewed it together and finished it.  They also made adorable wooden bead necklaces as part of their outfits.
Now they just have to finish learning their dance!  Fun times!!


  1. Hi, great costumes! I was wondering if you used a pattern or how you figured out how to make it? Our school is doing a big project on Madagascar and need to come dressed up and I am having a hard time finding a place to purchase a lamba. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Jen, I want to email you back directly and give you instructions but you didn't leave an email address and it was a "no-reply" blogger comment meaning I couldn't hit reply on your comment. So leave me your email and I'll give you the details of what I did to make all their costumes. I did 12 of them for the whole troop. I hope you see this! Thanks!

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