Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Gifts

Here's a few of the extra goodies we made for Teacher Appreciation Week:
 Cookies in the CD Holder:  Did you see this on Pinterest?  We got this idea on Pinterest.  These are the paper CD holders.  We got cookies donated from this awesome bakery in town.  The cookies fit just perfectly in the CD window.  We tied them with twine and put on an adorable Thank You tag. My friend Taryn made these tags.  They had a chevron background.  So cute!
 Thank You Pot with Gifts:  To go along with our "Grow" theme, I had the kids in our class decorate this pot for our teacher.  I collected money for the group gift and then filled the pot with all of our gifts.  I wrapped it all up with cellophane and a bow. 

Apple Oreo Pops:  We got this idea online too, but we did learn a few things that were not mentioned online.  You take the top off the oreo and then need to spread some of the chocolate inside and then push the stick into the white filling and chocolate.  Replace the top and let it set/harden.  Then you can dip the whole oreo on a stick into the chocolate.  Once it comes out, put in the pretzel stick for the stem and an airhead cut into a square for the leaf.  they turned out so cute!  We made 50 for all of the staff at our school.

 Hugs & Kisses:  This was the easiest but I think they loved it.  I used clear cellophane bags, added a handful of hershey kisses and hugs, and a tag.  The tag said, "We love our teachers and staff!  XOXO"

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