Friday, June 22, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

Wow.  2.5 months.  That's the longest I've gone without blogging.  But you know when you've waited a little bit and have a bunch of stuff to share, but it seems like so much and there's just never enough time because now it's so much, well it was like that :-)  But I have several months worth of crafts and some cute ideas to share!

May was beyond crazy and April was spent prepping for it.  First up was Teacher Appreciation Week.  My friends and I were in charge of it for the whole school.  We did a catered lunch for the teachers and staff of the entire school every day for a week!   Our theme was, "Thank You For Helping Our Children Grow."  Here's how some of it turned out.

We decorated the teachers lounge.  The room is very ugly and cluttered.  We did the best we could :-)

 Adding some burlap to the back of the wall really helped our food table.  The poofs, bunting, table cloths, signage, and centerpieces all went with our theme and color theme (yellow, white, turquoise/blue)
The centerpieces were small rose bushes wrapped in burlap and blue ribbon.  We had little signs that matched and had our theme on it.  The table runners were yellow with small blue polka dots.

 My friend Taryn made this adorable sign that went with our theme.  It was black vinyl on white paper.  She also made the adorable paper flowers that we used all over. 
 I was also the room mom for my daughters class. I delegated our door to some other mom's since I was busy decorating the rest of the school.  I think it turned out soooooo cute!  The kids faces were on the apples.  Love it!
Here's some of the decor from the front of the school.  There were grass and flowers by the front office.
We had signage and paper flowers going all the way down the corridor where everyone walks  into the school.  My friend Taryn did these signs!  They were awesome. 
 In 25 years, no one had ever decorated the outside of the school for the teachers.  It turned out soooo cute!! 
 It was a great week and I've already got new ideas for next year :-)

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  1. Wow, impressive! I heard a little about it from Judy, but this is way over the top and nice. You went all out. Did you have money from the school to help? Did you make lunches each day? I can tell a lot of work went into it all, especially the decorations. I am sure the teachers really appreciated it!


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