Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I haven't done any decoupage since I was a kid. But I always love these type of signs/artwork/decor at the craft shows but would never buy it, cause I figured I could always do that myself. Well, I finally did! And of course I didn't just tackle the most recent upcoming holiday. Had to do a bunch :-) Thanks to my crafty friend Wendy, for helping me get it all out and finally get my blocks done!!
All you need to decoupage is some wood blocks. Paint them up however you'd like. Find some cool background paper/image/design. Put some modge podge all over the block and press the paper on. Do again to attach the letter/word/design on top of that. Add as many layers as you'd like. Finish with a top coat of modge podge and you're done! So easy. And so very cute!

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