Friday, March 19, 2010

Never Gets Old

the smell of fresh baked bread, that is. I've been making my homemade bread every week for over 17 months now and I'm not going back. I love not buying store bought bread and most of all I love the taste and smell of home made bread!! So, after 17 months, I finally caved in and bought some fun things for my bread.

1- A really cool slicer. Sadly, I could never cut my slices straight or even. Now, their perfect! And I got this amazing, ginormous bread knife. It's fun!
2- Bread bags! Oh the simple things in life. I was having to cut the end off each loaf to fit in ziplock bags. Dumb. LOVE these bread bags. Makes it so simple.
Big thanks to my friend Karen for helping me realize I needed these necessities :-) You can buy them online at pleasant hills. And if you want a recap on the bread tutorial, click HERE. I LOVE this recipe and so has everyone who's made it. Now all I need is my wheat grinder. Maybe for mothers day? :-)

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