Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite Things- Summer Beach Bag

As you may know from past blog posts, I get to go to a Favorite Things party twice a year! Two of my friends host it. How it works is, you bring 5 of your favorite things (all the same item). The item has to be between $5 and $6. Then you swap your 5 with everyone else and everyone goes home with 5 different things. It's so much fun! They do it in December and then sometime in the summer.

This summer I decided to make a summer beach bag!! I spent all the money on fabric (and had to search all the clearance racks to find anything in my price range). I got a really nice heavy canvas for the outside and a thin cotton flower fabric for the inside. I did an outside pocket and 2 pockets on the inside. I cheated a little since I only made it in the price range with the actual fabric cost and not my time, but it was worth it!

Click HERE to see my past tutorial on how to make this bag. It's completely reversible/lined, and totally professional. I've already seen several of the lucky 5 that got my bag at the party using it! I just love that.

If I could have spent more money I would have padded the arm straps, and added a big white flower on the pocket, or monogrammed the pocket. I do custom orders if you want one!

I folded up all the bags and put inside 1 to take to the party. So fun! Can't wait for the next one!

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