Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Pillows


I've been wanting some new pillows for my new couch. It's a big brown microfiber L couch and I love it. It's comfortable, can sit a ton of people, and the kids goop just wipes right off. It came with 3 pillows that I got to pick the fabric for (out of about 200 choices). I got this nice paisley'ish fabric in the colors of my room, but the 3 pillows wasn't enough for this huge a couch. All I had on hand were some ugly old brown pillows that I used a million years ago. I spent about $40 and some coupons and got the fabric to make 4 new pillows. I just made covers for the ugly pillows that way, if it's a kid night or someone really needs to lay their head and sleep on my no wash machine fabric, they can just take that cover off and be comfy. I can put it back on and make my room cute :-) Perfect combo!

It really brightens the room up. I'm loving the extra color!
I did buy the pillow insert for the small burgundy pillow. I wanted a little different texture so I did it with a thin stripe, added cording to this one to make it different, and the coordinating flower. For the back one I used a different textured fabric but still in same tones, so everything wasn't so matchy matchy.
I'm totally in love with this flower I made! I followed V.'s instructions here, but I folded the fabric in half first so there was no raw edges showing and all the raw edges are tucked inside. The fabric is raw silk so it's a little shiny and hard to photograph, but it looks so divine in person. :-) I love my new pillows! Especially for less than half the price of buying them!

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